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Proud to be #VeryAsian

This #VeryAsian tee, the first official item of the Very Asian Foundation, features the logo on the front, a dumpling on the back and the phrase "bring your humanity" across the arm.

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Very Asian

On January 1, 2022, Saint Louis-based news anchor Michelle Li shared a segment on the evening news about what Americans eat on New Year's Day. After she read the story, Li adlibbed, “I ate dumpling soup. That’s what a lot of Korean people do."

Following the newscast, Li received a couple of comments thanking her for an inclusive moment. But a few hours later, her station, KSDK, received a voicemail from a viewer who said she was offended. The caller said Li's banter was "inappropriate" adding that Li was “being very Asian” and “annoying.” The caller mentioned if a white anchor were to say something similar, they would get fired and that Li “can keep her Korean to herself.”

Li played the full voicemail for her followers on social media. On Instagram, she posted: "We should all be given the chance to bring our full humanity to the table."

Hours later, Li started receiving an outpouring of support from around the world after Gia Vang, a fellow news anchor in Minneapolis, shared a social post with Hmong foods and used the hashtag #VeryAsian. Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and allies turned the hashtag into a collective, positive moment of pride.

For now, you can support diverse AAPI communities by purchasing a Very Asian shirt. Proceeds will go to the Very Asian Foundation and Stop AAPI Hate.

Show your AAPI Pride. Bring your humanity.

The Very Asian Foundation is committed to amplifying diverse AAPI voices through education, storytelling, and community connection. Stay tuned for future collaborations and campaigns.

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